At Specialty Tool & Mold Inc. we endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of CNC technologies and support tooling. Whatever your project, we have the ability and knowhow to get it done.


CNC Capabilities:


Haas VF-8/40:

X=64” Y=40” Z=30”

VF-8 InsideVF-8 Outside


Haas VM-3:

X=40” Y=26” Z=25”

VM3 insideVM3 outside


Haas VF-6:      

X=64” Y=32” Z=30” 4,000lb load capacity

VF-6 40 lg
VF-6 1VF-6 2
VF-6 3VF-6 4


Haas VM-2:    

X=30” Y=20” Z=20” 3,000lb load capacity

IMG 20130702 100335IMG 20130702 100346
IMG 20130702 100346IMG 20130702 100500


Fadal 4020:    

X=40” Y=20” Z=16” 1,000lb load capacity

Fadal 4020
Fadal 4020 1Fadal 4020 2
Fadal 4020 3Fadal 4020 5


Surface Grinding:

Need a part surface ground? We can do it! We have the capability to grind most parts flat and parallel within .0005”!

Kent Surface Grinder

32” x 78” grinding table

Grand Rapids Surface Grinder

16” x 37” grinding table

Kent Surface Grinder r


Gun Drilling:

Kearns & Richards / Eldorado Gun Drill

Kearns & Richards / Eldorado Gun Drill


Tooling Repair and Reconditioning:

reconditioning rWhether it’s Cut-In-Place thermoform tooling, In-line thermoform tooling, compound dies or fixtures, we can repair or recondition your tooling so it runs as good as new.


Our Address:
4542 Roger B. Chaffee Blvd SE
Grand Rapids, MI, USA 49548
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri.  8am to 5pm
Eastern Standard Time

Estimating Your Next Project

Do you have a project that we can assist you with? You can contact us either by filling out this contact form or by giving us a call at (616) 531-3870. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Located In the Heart of the Midwest

Located just 10 minutes south of Grand Rapids, MI our facility is right in the heart of the  Midwest. With Gerald R. Ford International airport located less than 7 miles away and various trucking and logistics options are available. We are ready to ship land, air or sea.